I love looking out for signage.

Some signage I love because they delight me in some way. Like signage in airports and wheelchair signs in New York. Them are da best signs.

Here is another of my favourites, on an air hockey table at the Hollywood Bowl in Bradford.

Sign at Hollywood Bowl

Wonderful is it not?

Some signs make me scratch my head, like they are a puzzle, an enigma even.

Here is one of my “fave” head scratchers, close to where I live, turning out of Woodhouse Grove onto Harrogate Road.

The sign giving instructions how to turn out onto Harrogate Road

The punchline is you see this sign as you drive into Woodhouse Grove not as you are driving out as you would actually need it.

If you are curious what the road map this is trying to show looks like, here you go (nabbed from Google Maps).

Screenshot of the road map from Google Maps, showing the area of Harrogate Road shown in the sign

Out of sheer I had both of those images open in Photoshop-ness I comped the map onto the sign.

I need a new hobby

At least the landmarks make it a little easier to understand.


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