The road we live on is a loop road. You go into the loop at the bottom off a feeder road, go up the loop one way, and keep going until you find yourself back where you started. If you want you can go the other way round. Whichever direction, keep going round, and you will be back where you began. Along the road on both sides are houses, meaning there is an ”island” in the middle of the loop with houses.

At the midpoint of our road, our looped road, they are doing roadworks.

The street with the roadworks
The street with the roadworks

No car can pass, only turn around once they reach the roadworks. You only see the roadworks once you have gone round the curve of the crescent, which side of the crescent you go up. The “road closed” signs are right next to the road works. There is no other warning on the road.

Our house is very close to the roadworks. Outside our house there have been people driving along the road, unable to go further, and then having to do 180 degree turns, tight turns, on the road to go back the way they came.

I asked this morning if the signs could be moved further back along the street.


I was also informed I am the third person to ask.

I said if people were informed of the situation sooner, they could make a decision what they need to do – do there and then when they see the warning or be prepared to do something a little later. I got a shrug back.

If anyone wants to know what I do for a living, it’s that conversation, around other scenarios, repeatedly.

  • There is a situation where a problem has been observed.
  • Is there something we can do to solve the problem?
  • There is? Here is a possible solution to the problem.
  • Does the solution seem any good?
  • Could we implement this solution?

Sometimes people agree with the suggested solution put forward. And sometimes of that sometimes the solution is implemented.

That is what I do for a living. So now you know.

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