A week or so back Rishi Dastidar shared a great copy led ad for the Southbank Centre on Twitter.

Southbank Centre ad

About the same time an excellent piece on the state of copywriting by Paul Burke popped up on Campaign’s website. Take five minutes out and read the piece.

I’ve said before I’d take a copywriter over an art director (albeit only just), and the two reference points nails pretty much of why.

The only tweak would be to Burke’s point Copywriting was taught in schools.

Over the years I’ve heard a few times “People learn English at school… So everyone is a copywriter” as an excuse to avoid getting a “proper writer” on the case – or even in the building. I am all for people having a go, showing their “other skills” – but there are times when the process of making needs specialist attention.

If we want a deeper reason why copywriting is a lost art, maybe there’s a root cause.

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