A few weeks back I wrote about trying out Public Design WY.

We are looking to organise a get-together in West Yorkshire about design and designing for the public.

Originally the plan was to hold it on Wednesday 29 March. Due to a few things (work, holidays, Article 50, general burying heads under pillows) we put it off.

We now have a date, a time, and a space.

Where: Futurelabs in Leeds.

When: Thursday 4 May, from 6pm until no later than 8pm. We will be going for a “debrief” in a pub afterwards.

What will be there: A series of front-of-room led sessions, from talks to workshops.

Who is it for: Anyone who is interested in design for the public. That is “design” as a wide view. And we are looking at designing for the public, again as a wide view – wider than just in gov – to reflect the breadth of public design work in the region.

Public Design WY is free to attend. You just need to tell us you want to come. You can do that over at the session’s page on Meetup. Just indicate you want to come. Spaces are limited. We will also publish any further updates there.

The agenda will be announced in very soon, but just getting interesting and interested people along to listen, share, and possibly collaborate is half the fun.

If you have something you want to share, talk about, or run as a 20 minutes-ish session drop me a line. Don’t be scared! We’re all friends.

So, please come! And hopefully see you there!