A couple of new stickers I have had printed.

Design, Make, Learn and digital socialism stickers

The first carries a Design-Make-Learn loop. These were designed a couple of weeks back during my sabbatical.

We had drawn a diagram to explain the lean design loop, and just wrapped the words round a circle. Time in Illustrator: 15 minutes. Someone knew a decent localish printer. Sent artwork at 3pm, picked up early the next day. We did them as a leave-behind, a reminder of smaller, quicker thinking-making-feedback loops which we were doing in a place that didn’t do that too much. Something something transformation something something. The visual design is not bang on, but done is better than perfect, eh. It was also fun to see which word people chose to put at the top. Design, make, or learn. (Or at least I try to tell myself that their choice means something.)

Anyway, I posted a pic of the sticker on Twitter after we got them. People wanted some. So I have done a run of them.

You can get one here.

The second: I recently read Kevin Kelley’s The Inevitable. If you don’t know who Kelley is, he was one of the founders of Wired. The Inevitable is a great book.

In one of the chapter’s Kelley brings up Clay Shirky’s idea of “digital socialism”, the hierarchy of sharing, cooperation, collaboration, collectivism. The theory is cribbed from Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody. (Sideline: Shirky’s Little Rice is one of the best shorter reads I have taken in over recent years.)

On first read of this chapter in Kelley’s book I thought I was re-reading the chapter. Did I read this last night when I was really tired and forgot? But then I remembered I’d read Kelley’s original piece on Shirky’s thoughts in Wired years ago. You can read Kelley’s piece online here. I realised that because I searched my Evernote notes. Cribbed notes on this – and a loose idea for a poster I’d forgotten. I’ve just lifted the design, squared it out a bit, and got it printed onto a clear background.

You can get one here.


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