I have left my studio head and board room life behind and these days work as a freelancer, usually doing service or product work (usually designing), sometimes helping look at operations stuff.

I am currently helping create/change and the Ministry of Justice as a product manager. I am contracted until early February 2024 and currently available after that.

I try to write week notes which sometimes mention work and a more specific monthly work note.

When time allows I offer up half hour spaces in my diary, a chance to say hi, catch up or talk about a problem.

When time allows too I offer up time to mentor through Mega Mentor. Do you need a mentor? Could you be a mentor? Check out the Mega Mentor website and all the mentors offering their time.

I have no upcoming speaking engagements. Get in touch if you would like me to do something. If you have something specific in mind that is a good start too.

If you think I might be able to help you or your organisation please get in touch.


In my free time I:

  1. am a dad
  2. run
  3. watch films and sometimes get to watch TV programmes
  4. read
  5. do gardening
  6. walk the dog
  7. write posts on my blog
  8. still support Grimsby Town Football Club
  9. try to follow Brooklyn Nets, despite the five hour time difference

What I have done in the past →