For running and riding I have a spreadsheet to keep an eye on what I’ve done and where I could be going. Amongst everything else going on some running targets help me get something in and then done.

With the Covid Stay Home and my injury early last month I was back cycling again. As the cycling has become a regular fixture in my days I’ve had to update the structure of my spreadsheet recently to include the cycling, which felt good after years of not doing any biking. If I had a job in Leeds — and was allowed into the office — I would have loved to getting some towpath rides into the book right now. But the static cycling is a good back-up.

Mainly though the spreadsheet is for the running. With yesterday’s run I went past 100km of running for the month so far, and 600km of running for the year so far. At the end of April I wasn’t sure how much running I’d get done in the coming months. Just keep steadily moving forward. 100km in 14 days felt a heck of a return. And it also felt like my leg had returned to something like its pre-injury state.

I set off into this year seeing if I could run 2000km. After the injury which hampered March and April and then the normalness of last few weeks (at least on the being able to run stakes) I’ve had a look and a think over breakfast: What would that take to reach that 2000km now? After a little play with my spreadsheet — some updates, some wiggled targets, let’s see, it is all-so-easy with a formula-ladem spreadsheet! — I saw something like 200km a month for the next few months could help me hit that magic 2000. Hhhhmmmm. Push for more for the coming few months, enjoy the opportunities for the more enjoyable runs longer days and (presumably) not-so-wet weather bring.

I will need to be nudging 50km over a week continuously, so I included a seven day rolling total column. Insert column, sum from there to there, bingo. Keep an eye on that most recent number, Si. Data, usefully analysed and deployed.

I have only been using the spreadsheet a year or so, but looking through the tabs each is a version, an iteration of how I keep and have kept ahem tabs on my monthly running. Month to month the approach is hardly ever the same, with tweaks and bigger changes. The way I record things and work things out has changed over the last year or so, but it always helps what I needed at that moment in time. And again this morning it changed.

Do you have a spreadsheet? Here is mine. It’s not perfect, it never will be, but it does whatever job it needs to, to keep me running.

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