This morning my phone reminded me I need to sort my “three months on blood test”. It’s been nearly three months since my last few diabetes notes, when I documented the days after being told I was “officially” diabetic. I had been told to keep doing what I was doing and see where it goes.

I decided back then I’d also push things a bit, cutting out things like the occasional Toffee Crisp, dates from my morning porridge, little tweaks like wholemeal versions of stuff like pasta whenever possible (and moderate how much I have). I’ve stayed true to that. Despite a leg injury shortly after my last note I’ve been static cycling to help me keep exercising and the last month I have been fully back to running most days (218km in May was a good haul). I’ve become more of a grazer eater and there are some afternoons where I have struggled to focus, and found it’s because I haven’t had a little snack or drink for several hours. Little, often.

A few weeks back I’d done another blood test, albeit one for Thriva not through my doctor’s surgery. It’d been a couple of months of working from home. I’d put on a little (and it is a little) weight, generally I felt OK, but I wondered if the shift had any other effects. As part of that test I also got back results of my haemoglobin A1c levels. Three months back I “scored” 51. A couple of months on I was now at 42. (I’ve been recording the results from all tests here.) A massive surprise to see it drop so much, completely unexpected. Cause for further optimism.

I was told three months back I’d be referred for a retinal test and a feet check. I’ve heard nothing back yet, but then a few weeks after my appointment with the nurse the coronavirus situation worsened massively. I’m not concerned. It just makes me wonder if there is a growing pile of appointments like mine that will need sorting… whenever they can be.

So now, with this morning’s alert, I am just waiting for the call for me to go in and have my blood taken. When in the current climate? I don’t know. My doctor’s surgery have been really good on a couple of occasions over the last couple of months. An example: My annual asthma check up was due. I got a call from a nurse at the surgery, who checked I was OK, asked how and when I was taking my inhalers, was sorry they were doing it over the phone, but I won’t get out of my peak flow test, it’ll just be later. At least I had the Thriva test, I could afford to have the Thriva test to rest my mind.

In the meantime, keep on keeping on. It seems to be doing the job.

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