In yesterday’s post on some new stickers, I included an image of some posters we’ve got up in the Newcastle HMRC office.

For the people who have asked off the back of that post and others who have asked before, I’ve finally got round to quickly exporting the posters as a PDF.

You can download the PDF here.

The PDF is just black type, set to A4. The pages should scale to A3 fine if you want them bigger.

Use whatever paper or card you want to print these onto. The usual stock in the printer. Get some coloured paper/thin card. Whatever works for you. I use soft coloured stocks because it looks a little different to all the prints-on-white we have around the place.

For the record, these aren’t official gov posters. I pulled them together to put up to nudge, remind, support, encourage, for people to do these things, to be agile.

And posters aren’t the be-all and end-all.

Hey, there’s a poster so we must be doing that.

Hey, there’s a poster so we should do that.

Sloganeering is meaningless if there isn’t the intent. So, if you print them out and stick them up, don’t do it because they just look cool. (I would be amazed if someone did just do that.) Do it because you want to do these things.

Even better do it because you’re already doing these things, and have services that are the product of thinking and doing like this.