Look back on week commencing Monday 9 January 2023

TL;DR: Planning for a steady week was working well, then scuppered by weekend IBS attack.


Goal: 40km
Total distance ran: 24.6km (15.4km off goal)
Number of runs: 4

Longest run: 10.08km / 53mins 46secs, Monday 9 January

Was ticking along for the week just fine. Had to switch my strengthening session from Thursday to Friday (meaning Friday a day off from running), which gave me four straight days of running (Monday to Thursday). Well poised to have a 15km weekend but ended up with an IBS attack, which meant a wasted weekend. Gah.

Bike rides

Goal: 40km
Total distance ridden: 34km (6km off goal)
Number of rides: 2

Longest ride: 20km / 48mins 20secs, Friday 13 January

Again, doing just fine, then IBS weekend.


Goal: 15km
Total distance tracked walking: 9.58km (5.42km off goal)

Again — again — steady week then hit the weekend. Managed to have a walk to and from Asda on Sunday to see how the stomach was though, small victories.

Total distance: 14.81km

Year goals check in

Ran so far: 61.1km
Distance left to run: 1338.8km

Looking ahead to week 3

Running goal: 30km
Take it easy after the weekend. Monday off, then try a small one (3km-ish) on Tuesday. If OK push it to a 7.5km-er on Wednesday. Thursday off. 20km over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Biking goal: 50km
Lower running means upping biking.

Walking goal: 15km
Get back to having a couple of walks every day. If they total 3km easy peasy.

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