Week commencing Monday 2 January

Runs: 5

Total distance: 32.86km

Average distance over the days of the week (total distance / 7 days): 4.69km

Average distance over the week’s sessions (total distance / number of runs): 6.57km

Average pace over the week’s runs: 5m 28s per KM

Total time running: 3h 18m

Average run time over the week’s sessions: 33m 5s

Longest run: 11.19km, Saturday 7 January

Fastest pace: 5m 19s per KM over 5.61km, Wednesday 4 January

Overall: Was aiming for at least 42km but had two days off running in the end (one planned rest day, one had too much work) so ended up near 33km. Pleased with Saturday’s long run (albeit ended up being much later in the day than planned). Kept it steady throughout than push for pace. Achilles leans between aching and a constant niggle.

Bike rides: 5

Total distance: 66.96km

Average distance over the week’s sessions: (total distance / number of rides): 13.39km

Total time on the saddle: 2h 33m

Overall: Good.

Walks: 6

Total distance: 14.81km

Total time spent walking: 4h 8m

Work outs: 0

Year so far

Ran: 32.86km

Distance left to run: 1367.14km

Goals for week 2

Run: 40km Looking to have the majority of the runs closer to 10km rather than 5km. Aim for one run that is over 12.5km. Keep an eye on the Achilles. Keep it steady. Just need a little more focus this week, lots of life stuff to juggle. Be alright.

Bike: 40km

Walk: 15km

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