Hello (going left to right) from Lisa, Emma, Marie, and me!

We’re looking ahead to what we do for the service jams in Leeds over the next 12 months.

Already there’s the Global Service Jam sneaking up on us in two months, starting after work on Friday 9 March and continuing over the weekend.

Three months later we have Leeds Gov Jam kicking off on the evening of Tuesday 5 June, followed by two days of jamming.

This will be the fourth year out of five I’ve helped with the service jams. They are always great places to learn about service design, something I am massively enthusiastic about and massively believe in. The jams are also great places to help people learn about service design. It is never a chore helping out!

Whatever you are doing – a student, already doing design for a living, thinking of design as a career move, fancy trying working with some new acquaintances, or just curious - you’ll spend a few days in a room full of equally curious people wanting to find out what works – and what doesn’t work – in a space safe for experimenting.

To help us plan for this year we’ve set up a little form, to help us understand who is interested, and how you’d be interested. Whether you want to come along and jam or come along and help out we’d like to know. You’ll also be the first to hear the details of the jams. You can find the form here.

I blogged about the 2014 jam, the 2015 jam, sat out 2016 (because I’d recently joined the then-NHS Beta programme and work was full on), and last year I blogged about Is your minimum viable product viable? following my opening night lightning talk – and about when Kathryn and I did an accidental slogan.

You’ll find a wealth of info on the jams over on the Leeds Service Jam website and the Leeds Gov Jam site/. We’ll also be blogging over on those websites in the next week or so about what we are planning – and also explaining the difference between the two jams. Stay tuned!

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