Not sure where that week went.

  • Had some fun hacking an inbox-browser prototype together.
  • Had less fun breaking another one and spending more time than I really have to fix it.
  • Giving new starters to the NHS Jobs team an overview of the service. Realising some of the stuff I’ve done around that actually does the job. Shake my head out of the thought of going back to being “product person”.
  • Wondering if Miro is actually better than Omnigraffle at flowy charty things.
  • Spent a fun hour listening to a team from another place, who dropped me a line to see if I would mind spending some time with them. Just a super fun hour, super constructive.
  • Started pulling together an “approach to work” to compare work possibilities off. Nothing rigid, but something in there about “preferred approach”. Be interesting to compare it to what I had for the studio six years back, see what’s changed, see what’s not.
  • Reminded a few times this week about providing useful feedback. Tone as well, eh. It’s how ya tell ‘em!
  • Finished work later than planned most days. Result: Having my evening time squeezed by my daily commitment to running, eating dinner, and then doing something else. That last bit lost out.
  • Running 35km by Friday felt good though, even running 7.5km in the drizzle last night. Getting to 60km by end of the weekend looks possible.
  • Managed to squeeze in a little bit of time on Control. Actually enjoying, now I’ve got past that boss, which was pretty easy to get past in the end. I was piling in too far, too soon. Don’t read too much into that, please. Didn’t need to look up a walkthrouhg on YouTube either.
  • Also saw on the PS4 I’ve got The Last of Us (1, not the sequel that came out today) and didn’t really get far into it. There was a sneaking about bit that I found frustrating and never went back. Don’t read too much into that, please.
  • Had some thoughts about how we might – might – need some stage between components and patterns in design systems. Emergent patterns, candidate patterns get lost in the wash, the speed that heavily productionised workplaces go at. If it’s filed as a pattern it’s grabbed, how do we clearly show how work well it works for users in [context]? How does feedback come back? Also something about design systems, or design system elements, being driven by something like principles rather than strict rules. Might make these thoughts coherent into a blog post sometime, because you don’t come to weeknotes for thought leadership, do you?
  • Looked up the 2010 Chicago marathon YouTube and watched a few clips of it. I’ve read a lot about the race, the battle between Samuel Wanjiru and Tsegaye Kebede, and sadly it being Wanjiru’s last race. The last couple of miles are a right tussle, amazing moreso when you remember this is the end of a marathon and Wanjiru came into the marathon carrying an injury.
  • Finished Chaos Monkeys.
  • Started listening to Range.
  • Started reading How Bad Do You Want It?, usually when I should have been asleep already.
  • Didn’t really enjoy Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, at least as a whole.
  • Tracking my blood glucose with the FreeStyle Libre is going… on.
  • Jumped back onto the ‘gram this week. Openly admitting I missed it.
  • Got the Pimoroni Enviro + Air Quality kit to hook up to a Raspberry Pi this weekend. Really want to get the data from it shared wider, once it’s working. It is currently raining at Si’s shed. You know you want this.

The kids are messaging asking if we’re having takeaway food delivered tonight, and if we’re ordering soon. My hopes for an end-of-week after-work run feel dashed already. Maybe a day off and a couple of longer runs this weekend would be just the ticket.

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