I was chatting to someone the other day about how to get work done, processes, and all that stuff. It’s easy to lose countless minutes – maybe hours – waxing lyrical about it at the expense of getting stuff done. But our point was just-enough process is important: The spine to getting stuff done.

Our discussion springboarded off the mentioning a phrase used a lot around public service digital transformation:

The strategy is delivery.

It’s a good mantra. Mantras are supposed be short-ish, snappy.

What does it mean though? It’s vague, as capable of making good stuff happen as it is open to misuse.

To understand “delivery” in retrospect you need supporting materials. The blog posts. The manuals/playbooks. That’s a lot of background reading.

But again, it’s a good mantra. A team lived the mantra, assembled to just get stuff done, that showed by doing, and their work formed those supporting materials.

The challenge was laid down: Is there a way of elaborating “delivery” succinctly, rep just-enough process and an idea of What Is Good Enough? to kickstart stuff?

I scribbled down this:

The strategy is finding out what people need, designing it so it works against what you understand, and then making it. And then keep learning from that to keep making it better for everyone.

It’s a starter. It feels good enough based on my thinking now. I am putting it out there. I will come back into a week and see if I can make better.

My question to you: How would you elaborate “delivery”?

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