Some of the words used to describe how Casey Neistat decided to spend the $25,000 marketing budget for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on aid for victims of typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines in early November.

Neistat made a neat little film of his efforts which popped up on the internet a month back. The video was insanely popular.

Casey Neistat is an intriguing filmmaker, probably most famously known outside of the States for his video on biking in New York and has form with creatively using marketing budgets (as this video for Nike shows).

Neistat deserves a lot of credit for his Haiyan effort, really.

A thought though: Whoever at Fox decided to get in touch with Neistat (as is stated in the video), asking for his pitch, must have known that something like this would be floated.

If anyone is unbelievable, cool, and/or awesome it’s that person at Fox who decided to contact Neistat in the first place. Well done that person. Proper creative thinking that.

Also: Instead of pissing marketing money down the drain more of this sort of thing, please.

Footnote: I am pretty sure the marketing budget for the film was way in advance of $25,000 - but let’s not split hairs.