You may have noticed during my current gig at HMRC Digital I am trying to share – through blog posts and tweets – what is going on “under the hood”.

Why am I doing this? In part because the GDS team work openly, sharing their work. The open culture of GDS, leading the way of digital transformation within government design work, is part of the allure of where I am.

But also I think it is the right thing to do. A GDS sticker I managed to nab sums it up: Make things open, it makes them better. (One day I might be able to rationalise this in more details – but not today.)

Despite being a part of government and despite having a blog, HMRC Digital doesn’t talk enough about the detail of the work it does, especially on the design side – so I am trying to document my time in a way that hopefully informs and educates.

And I am not the only person at HMRC Digital openly talking about our (mainly design) work.

We’ve pulled together a quick Google Doc that lists who we are and what we’re sharing. The doc contains links to personal blogs, Twitter accounts, and notable blog posts. You can find the Google Doc here.

To make our writing more discoverable we have also republished our HMRC Digital design related posts over on Medium, an ever-increasingly popular place for read-and-discussion about design and digital. You can find the posts under the HMRC design tag.

We hope you find them useful. And please share our posts on Twitter, Facebook, Slack, emails, wherever, whatever. Let us know if you do. We’d love to have feedback. We are open after all.