First published: Tuesday 24 November
This version published: Tuesday 24 November

With, not for

— Collaborate, with users and colleagues
— Understand the situation and understand the problem/s
— Be inclusive, with users and colleagues

Keep it real

— Realise ideas: Make actual, tangible things
— Stay grounded
— Don’t work with assholes
— Be adaptable: Things change
— Be a good ally; Call out bad behaviour

Be open minded

— Share whenever possible, as much as possible
— Borrow wherever appropriate (and feedback how useful it was)
— Have strong ideas loosely held
— Ideas can come from anywhere
— Be open to constructive criticism

Always make progress

— Movement forward can be small or large, but keep that momentum going

Be proud

— Do good work
— Be proud of the work, but not to the detriment of inclusive working
— Be an example to others