Advertising may be coming to your thermostat and lots of other strange places, courtesy of Google ran a recent piece in the WSJ.

The jist was Google had documented they could put ads on “refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses, and watches, to name just a few possibilities.” Which isn’t that relevatory. Google could put ads there, through one/some/all of those suggested, um, devices, and maybe some others that haven’t been created/lanched to the public. It’s just a sweeping statement of possibility.

Anyway, despite no direct reference to Google pushing this through Nest devices, the WSJ article inferred this could be an eventuality - and provided a few people with an easy swipe at the now Google owned Nest. The idea of ads through a home’s thermosystem interfaces doesn’t sit easy with some.

(The idea of Nest actually serving ads doesn’t sit easily in my mind either, but more from the challenge of how the ads would display on a Nest device in the first, and without compromising the visibility of data.)

Anyway, I sometimes switch the radio on in the kitchen and it is tuned into the station Heart. Between some of the songs and chit-chat there’s ads. I also have a radio in my car, which sits in the car’s dashboard. (Part of me wonders when ads became a mainstay of radio airing, but that’s tangential.)

While Nest is all Internet of Thingy and ‘forward thinking’, would Google look the other way, to a ‘retro’ system/technology like a car radio as a way into cars - or maybe even a way to extend out from ‘web media’? Google through my radio? That seems an odd space to me - but an existing, prevailant one. And Google did mention ‘car dashboards’ according to the WSJ. Just a thought.