Every year, about this time of the year, I do talks to students about the agency business, what it’s like, what I do, how I got into “the biz”, and offer up some hints and tips to help them at least get some experience in some form.

Here’s this year’s base presentation. It should tell the narrative. There’s a couple of things I say that are not in the slides, notably the thought of going into agencies isn’t the only career path - and maybe consider doing something else altogether, even if it is setting your own thing up. In the main it should be self explanatory.

(If you’re someone who has seen this and it was slightly different I may have edited it a touch before I presented it.)

If the presentation doesn’t display above you view it directly on Speakdeck here.

I hope it’s enough of an intro. If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop me a line!