Are you a person designing government or public services? Or maybe you are someone who doesn’t think of themselves as designing those services but helps others with their designing? A user researcher, interaction designer, service designer, product owner, business analyst, delivery manager. Whatever the role you contribute to designing somehow.

I’d like to make you an offer: I am offering one of my lunchtimes every week for an hour chat for anyone that needs it.

What can I offer? We can talk stuff through. I can just listen. You can pick my brains: About my time over the years working on gov services and websites, about my time over the years working on stuff that wasn’t gov services and websites. Raid my experience as a director, manager and mentor. Maybe you’d like to know what it’s like “moving down” from being a director to just focusing on interaction design. You might be looking fort some career advice. Maybe your boss is too busy. There’s some options.

Where can we meet to talk? I am usually in Leeds, sometimes in Blackpool, Manchester or Sheffield. There is always the option of remote sessions.

The only limitation: You have to be someone working on a public service. Sorry. Especially while I work in gov I want to give as much back to people also working in gov.

All you have to do is drop me an email. My email address is listed on the contact page of this website. Just make sure the subject line of your email is clear. And in your email take a mo to let me know who you are, what you’re doing (your role, what you work in, where you are), and how a chat could help you. I’ll get back to you within a couple of days.

I hope this offer appeals to some of you out there, and helps you.

If you are someone else who wants to offer up some time for similar chats, I have set up a quick Google Sheet. If you want to be added just drop me a line.

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