Waiting for the meet to get going

A couple of weeks back we held the fourth Leeds cross gov design meet. It was the biggest turn out yet, with 30 people turning up. Here’s some of them:

Chris Burns talking at the Leeds cross gov design meet

We had Chris Burns, from the English Institute of Sport, talk about being a product owner. If you have any feedback for Chris drop him a line through Twitter.

Sophie Dennis talking at the Leeds cross gov design meet

Sophie Dennis did a sterling job of reducing her exceptional session on strategy down to about 45 minutes. If you want the slides for Sophie’s session you can find them on Slideshare.

Alex Leslie talking at the Leeds cross gov design meet

Finally Alex Leslie from FutureGov made it to the meet despite terrible train woes getting from Bradford. In the time left Alex breezed through the work FutureGov have done with Sheffield council. We try to ensure the meets are a safe space to be open and honest, and Alex certainly was. Thank you, Alex.

Any feedback, let me know.

If you want to keep up to date I have finally (finally) got round to setting up a proper email list that is easier to subscribe to than the old Google Group. Subscribe here.

Thanks you to ODI Leeds for hosting the meet. Time to sort the fifth one.

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