It was a privilege to be asked to speak at Forefront Leeds last night – almost a year on from when I last talked at the event.

It’s never a problem to support the work Russ Poulter and Chris Kemm put into pulling the event together by saying yes to their invites, putting the time in to write a talk, and then deliver it on the night – especially alongside two other engrossing talks from Alex and Becs. I loved the breadth of topics and touchpoints, especially Alex showing off Mosaic and Becs reminding me of the overly happy emails I get from Virgin Trains.

There’s always an open-minded and engaged crowd at Forefront, which makes talks a little more leftfield-than-usual easier to give. So, equally good work from those that came along, and enjoyed/endured my talk.

Also great to have the chance to leg it back and talk in Leeds, where I spent many years working. Hopefully I gave something back to the city, hopefully a little more than cheap laughs.

Forefront is one of a number of brilliant design and tech events in the area that have appeared over the past five or so years. The city has a strong, more open, more visible scene these days. Long may that continue.

Thank you all.

You can view the slides over on Speakerdeck, or below.