I’m staying in Jesmond in Newcastle.

Earlier this week I passed the poster above. You’ve probably seen this sort of DIY lost cat/dog/other pet animal posters at some time.

This one was stuck to one of those metal cabinets you sometimes see in streets, that probably houses a technical exchange of some sort. (Something worth breaking your walk to check next time you go past one, maybe.)

This poster caught my eye especially, because it tells a story.

It’s clearly someone wanting to find their beloved pet. That’s the bit we expect. We know what these posters mean.

But when did you see one that told you the next bit of the story?

A first for me.

“Previously I’ve been looking for my cat. Now I’ve got the cat back.”

And I’ve not just seen one of these posters. I’ve seen several. And all with this addendum. It’s a lovely story.

The poster also adds in another bit of feedback: Yes, the story above concluding with the cat’s back home, because these posters do work.

Thanks to all those who looked for him and contacted us.

It’s great to see a happy ending, and also great to see user feedback.

If you ever have to put these posters consider finishing off your story. Especially if it is a happy one.

Because, yes, even I like happy endings.

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