Public Design WY is now Leeds Gov Design.

Public Design WY was a regular meet-up for anyone who interested in design and designing for the public.

We borrowed a space, organised the sessions for the meet-up, and invited you along.

Sessions were talks, workshops, videos, whatever. We tried to keep it down to earth, small(ish), about being open and sharing in a safe space, among friends! The aim was we hoped you took something away from them.

Previous meet-ups

#4— 12 September 2017

At Futurelabs, Leeds. The session:

  1. Melanie Cannon and Emilene Coventry from DWP Digital, with a workshop on writing problem statements.

#3— 13 July 2017

At the DHEZ / Digital Catapult Centre Yorkshire building, Bradford. The sessions:

  1. Jan Blum and Alex Leslie from FutureGov, sharing insights from their experience of working together with Bradford Council to design public services for the digital age.
  2. Helen Valentine, from Bradford Council, on The Good, The Bad, and The Content.

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#2— 13 June 2017

At Futurelabs, Leeds. The session:

  1. Phil Sherry, on Adventures in accessibility testing.

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#1— 4 May 2017

At Futurelabs, Leeds. The sessions:

  1. Leanne Buchan on Designing a culture strategy.
  2. Ahead of Leeds GovJam, Lisa Jeffery on Why I volunteer to jam.

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