A regular meet-up for people who are designing and making public services in and around Leeds.

We find a space, organise the sessions for the meet-up, and invite people along.

Sessions can be talks, workshops, videos, whatever. It's down to earth, kept small(ish), about being open amonsgt ourselves and sharing in a safe space. You will be among friends! And we hope you take something away from the meet-up.

Previously these were run as Public Design WY.

Interested in doing a session at a meet-up? Are you an organisation that has space for 25 or more people and fancies holding a meet-up? Get in touch!

You can keep up to date by following @LeedsGovDesign on Twitter and by subscribing to the email list.

Next meet-up

#3— Tuesday 2 July 2018, 2pm until 4pm

At Duke Studios, Leeds.

The sessions:

  1. Tom Forth on the Leeds bins app.
  2. Dean Vipond on the redesign of NHS.UK.
  3. Chris Hanson and Simon Wilson on the design examples work at DWP Digital.
  4. James Johnson on Yellow Team.
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Previous meet-ups

#2— 18 April 2018

At ODI Leeds.

The session:

  1. Marie Cheung, introducing service design tools
  2. Mitchel Wakefield, on failing

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#1— 19 February 2018

At ODI Leeds.

The sessions:

  1. Solving complex policy problems using design tools and techniques, with James Johnson, DWP
  2. When free text is the enemy of data quality, with Ellie Craven, GDS
  3. Reviewing a form, with Caroline Jarrett, Effortmark
  4. Simple improvements to patient referral letters, Pete Smith, NHS Digital

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