Hi! I’m Si.

This is my blog. I try to write here regularly about my work and the work I am involved with.

I am a highly experienced and successful strategist, designer (working on product, service, interaction, and experience), and maker of things, with nearly twenty years experience in “the industry”.

Currently I am working as a designer on NHS beta. I currently post weeknotes from my time working there on this blog. Prior to my current role I was an interaction designer at HMRC.

I believe design is a process involving the team, and work should always be focused on the people we are doing it for. I do this through knowing through research, working as a team through collaboration, and doing by making.

I started off as a junior web developer in 1998 after learning HTML and some Perl in my evenings at university. I’ve worked “across and up” to do strategy and design in some of Leeds’s biggest and smartest creative and digital businesses. The majority of my roles have been senior, occasionally on boards. They are listed on LinkedIn. Along the way some organisations and business I have worked with include ADT, Defra, DWP, HMRC, Leeds City Council, Linkdex, Jet2.com, the NHS, and Persimmon Homes.

Previously I helped run events, including Leeds Digital Festival, the Leeds Digital Conference, the Leeds Digital Lunches, and Get into Gaming with Sean Parker, and GovJam in Leeds. Sometimes I stand up front, speaking, having popped up at NUX and Forefront, as well as being invited into places to do “behind closed doors” talks.

I volunteer to help out at the Bradford CoderDojo, aimed at engaging and enabling young people with design through digital and technology.

I live in Idle, Bradford, West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom, but work wherever interesting work takes me.

I am also a dad, husband, dog walker/cushion, reader, watcher of films/lover of cinema, gardener, ex-school governor, cleaner, converted coffee enthusiast, cake consumer, occasional cook, and supporter of Grimsby Town Football Club (once upon a time I even helped set up, run, and contribute to the mind- and award-winning Cod Almighty).

If you want to talk, feel free! You can get my contact details here. Don’t be a stranger now.